Law “Peeters-Borsus”

Starting from the first of July 2018, all actors in the construction sector are obliged to take out a decennial liability insurance. This law focusses on residential projects, that have to be protected from all kind of risks (limited to water tightness damage in relation to solidity and stability of the residences) during ten years. Up until now, only architects have been subjected to this decennial liability insurance, despite the similar liability of contractors, project managers and other service providers in the construction sector. At the same time, this law provides better protection for the prime contractor (client), by ensuring his entitlement to a decennial damage compensation.


“Secubuild” wants to reach the party that shows the highest interest in risk reduction: the insurer. Unlike SECO Group, “Secubuild” obtains direct contact with the insuring party in case of less complex projects, like most residential buildings. Thereby, the communication chain is shortened since the client, contractors and promotors won’t be disturbed with the legal obligations, which are mutually arranged by “Secubuild” and the insurer using an optimized tool. The damage compensation protection for the contractor is simply delivered in a comprehensive and default insurance package. The Hunting Division created the brand name, strategy and visual identity for the entire brand.