A pure cooking experience

Herenthal: a pure cooking experience

The Hunting Division developed every aspect of the brand Herenthal and its underlying story, from strategy (brand concept, brand values, positioning, storylines) to the visual identity, communication tools and the packaging. Herenthal offers a precisely selected range of kitchenware. Purity and simplicity serve as the leading principle throughout this brand. With its baseline ‘Pure cooking’, Herenthal wants to emphasize the purity of the ingredients and senses. Decent and straightforward products, without an overload of different technologies.  With its contemporary brand values and its sleek & pure visual identity, Herenthal is a timeless brand where simplicity and quality are key.

Vision & strategy

In our current saturated market, we are overwhelmed by information and consumers are more and more in search of simplicity and authenticity. The oversupply causes us to no longer behave indifferent toward brands. The kitchenware market is a stagnant market, primarily dominated by huge brands such as Tefal and Brabantia. To date, few brands have succeeded into bringing something esthetically refreshing into this market segment. Due to a technology focused mindset, kitchenware loses its timeless nature and simplicity. With the focus on simplicity, authenticity and purity, the new kitchenware brand “Herenthal” wants to shake up this dormant market.