Gamma’s Treasure Hunt

National treasure hunt for Gamma

Bompi is a typical mascotte of GAMMA. He is the one who communicates with all customers. Bompi is very well-known and much liked with the audience of Gamma. As a brand activation campaign, The Hunting Division organized a national treasure hunt, to find Bompi’s lost toolbox.

The Hunting Division took care of the entire quest, from the creation of the concept, the hints of its hidden location, the visual content, communication strategy and all underlying organizational planning. The many tips appeared on different communication channels (GAMMA newsletter, website, brochure and Facebook) during different moments, spread over 3 weeks. The competition was supervised by The Hunting Division and GAMMA, in collaboration with a security company and a judicial executor. The outcome was a sporty split of the reward between the two fastest participants. For this national treasure quest, The Hunting Division developed a recognizable and fresh visual style. This visual style was implemented on all designed tips and communication such as a temporary website, newsletter, social media etc.