Beaulieu – Lushtex

Lushtex: inspired by nature

Lushtex: artificial grass, inspired by nature

Artificial grass often has the reputation to look too artificial and therefore not natural enough. Although artificial grass offers many more advantages over natural grass, consumers still prefer natural grass because of its natural random look and texture, compared to artificial grass that is “too perfect to look natural”. A natural but well-maintained sight is what garden professionals and consumers are looking for. This is possible with natural grass, but it requires a vast amount of maintenance that is both costly and time consuming. Artificial grass on the other hand has the advantage of being maintenance free, and is unaffected by the changing of seasons. The Hunting Division created a brand strategy for a range of artificial grass that is barely distinguishable from real grass.

With Lushtex we want to change the negative reputation of artificial grass by creating a line of artificial grass that is barely distinguishable from real, natural grass texture while keeping all the advantages of artificial grass like low maintenance and permanency during all seasons. Using a series of specialized technologies, we are able to replicate the natural and random look of real grass and apply it to a specific range of artificial grass. Techniques like random cutting patterns, different pool heights and colour shades, contribute to a very realistic and natural look while conserving all advantages of artificial grass. Artificial grass wearing the “Lushtex” label has undergone a number of technological processes in order to make its texture look as natural as possible. Lushtex is available for both professional users as well as consumers. In order to push the markets’ demand from both directions.

Brand strategy: an independent ingredient brand

Lushtex is an ingredient brand. An ingredient-branding is the creation of a brand for an ingredient, technology or component of a product, to project the high quality or performance of the ingredient / technology. Ingredient-branding takes a special position in marketing, as it cannot be clearly allocated to either industrial or consumer goods marketing. On the one hand, the consumer is the end-user of the ingredient, but at the same time is not part of the buying decision for the component, as this is up to the producer of the end product. On the other hand the producer will only decide on the usage of the ingredient – or at least take it into account in the communication policy – if the image of this ingredient will have an effect on the consumer, meaning a positive influence on his or her buying decision.

Brand name: where does Lushtex come from?
Lush (adj) of vegetation, plants, grasses, etc
  1. A lush area has a lot of green, healthy plants, grass, and trees.
  2. characterized by luxuriant vegetation. 3. very attractive to look at, taste, smell, etc.
  3. characterized by luxuriousness, opulence.
Tex (n)  from texture: The visual and especially tactile quality of a surface.
  1. the characteristic structure of the interwoven threads that make up a textile fabric.
  2. the characteristic physical structure given to a material, an object, etc., by the size, shape, arrangement, and proportions of its parts.